Diamond Playing Style Method

football (soccer) diamond playing style tactical reference

Welcome to the number one source for football (soccer) coaches to develop playing style.

Diamond Playing Style Method gives you an easy-to-understand, step-by-step and logical way to develop playing style in football.

Did you end up reading this site in the hope to find something new or a quick solution and fix for your next training session? I encourage you to take the next step and ask yourself what you are really looking for. Take a few minutes to read this site Football Coaching Blog with an open mind. Maybe it makes you think differently and also in the future act differently when putting together your training sessions. Are you ready to improve your coaching?

Diamond Playing Style Method includes tactical reference and Football Exercises that are designed based on Football Game including tactical reference, formation, clear direction and game like rules. Football Game is a starting point. So no more rondos, small sided games and ball possession games that has nothing to do with Football Game in real life!

How would you feel if you could easily and logically step-by-step teach team tactics to your players?

Download Free Diamond Playing Style Method eBook including:

  1. Diamond Playing Style Method Tactical Reference and Principles with animation video
  2. Four Types of Football Exercises to be used with the method
    • Football Ball Kicking Exercises
    • Football Passing Exercises
    • Football Passing Games
    • Football Tactical Games
  3. 10 sample exercises with video animation

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