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I have over 10 years experience as a football coach with various age groups. I have also experience tutoring other coaches and I have been instructor for football coaching courses. At this moment I have UEFA B license and I am currently working on UEFA A course.

The past couple of years I have been developing playing style for my team based on diamond playing style. Through this blog I will teach you diamond playing style principle and how you can use it in your coaching sessions to improve your team communication on the pitch making them better individual players as well!
So welcome to follow my blog and be ready to challenge yourself and improve your coaching skills.

During my years as a football coach I have constantly aimed for developing and improving myself as a coach. In the beginning of my football coach career I tried to find simple, easy to understand and logical way to teach young players play the game of football by playing easy passing game along the ground. I could not find one.
How to place or position players on the pitch and why?
When and where they should move?
Sometimes I hear coaches shouting on the sideline “don´t always run up…come sometimes also closer to support a player with the ball!” or just “move!”How this player should know when to move where and why?How should player with the ball know where and when other player is moving? Many times this leads to lot of miscommunication between players and therefore lot of errors happen.
What if there was an easy and logical way to understand and teach better communication between players?

This site concentrates in playing style development based on tactical reference and principles of Diamond Playing Style Method. From this site you will find easy to understand and easy to implement training examples from 5v5 to 11v11 to develop your team to play better together. Site is constantly evolving and new content will be added. So make sure to visit diamondplayingstyle.com often. You can also join our email list to keep yourself updated on new content join email list

This site you can find simple and easy to follow and understand football (soccer) exercises from simple passing exercises to more complex small sided games which all have common logical structure based on Diamond Playing Style Tactical Reference.

Exercises can be used from beginner level to higher level. So no matter if you are coaching young players who play 5v5 or higher level team playing 11v11.

In the Blog you can read about the importance of developing playing style for you team. (Coming Soon!)

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