Better Perception or Better Communication?

better communication

How can we as coaches reduce the amount of information that players need to process to get them to make decisions faster?

Many coaches talk a lot about the importance of perception or “scanning”.  Yes those are important and players need to be aware of their surroundings and what is happening (collecting information);  team mates, opponent, ball and so on. But perception is only one-way “traffic” of information. Perception is just one part of communication which is two-way traffic.

Communication happens verbally and non-verbally. If communication between teammates can happen mostly non-verbally then it is harder for the opponent to know what our team is doing.

Players should not need to “wait and see” what their own teammates are doing. If players need to do so then their football actions are slower.

From an individual player’s perspective it is easier and faster to make decisions in a game when a team has clear understanding (communication) of what they are doing together. When players can make faster decisions then there is also more time to execute the decisions ie. passing. This leads overall to faster football actions and also higher tempo. Also individual player actions get better and player makes fewer mistakes.

Improving team communication helps players make football actions faster so the team can play at a higher tempo. Better communication between teammates also reduces mistakes so the team can have more possession without losing the ball.

For coaches a tactical reference gives clear instructions and answers how to coach and teach tactics to the players. Where they should move, when and why.

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