Many coaches think they coach football (soccer)

Do you coach with the same elements and characteristics that are present in the football game? Or are you coaching something else?

Where do we as coaches rely on? Objective facts or subjective opinions and past experiences?

All the players around the world play the same game and coaches coach the same game.  So football is the same game for everyone. Regardless of the level where players play Football Actions at team level and individual level are the same. Attacking, transitioning, defending, passing…etc. and they have the same elements and characteristics regardless of the level.

Same goes with coaches. They coach the same elements….but very differently. Why?

Football should be the first reference to understand. What happens in a football game?

If we objectively analyze actions that players do in the game then we can find out that all Football Actions include the same elements which in logical order are

  1. Communication, Player is constantly communicating with the surroundings and collecting information from teammates, opponent, ball…etc.
  2. Decision Making, Player makes a decision which is based on his/her game insight
  3. Execution of the decision, technique (pass, dribble, run…).

Communication is in the highest order and therefore most important. Football players must be able to communicate, make decisions and execute decisions as frequently as possible. This ability has to also be maintained as long as possible. In other words the whole game. That is called Football Fitness.

Playing football at a higher level many times means higher tempo. So the speed of actions must be faster.  So how can we as coaches improve our players’ speed of actions to play in higher tempo?

Let’s take a closer look at what Football Action is?

football action

Football action has four (4) space and time characteristics:

  1. Position, football action starts from a certain point on the field horizontally and vertically (player body position)
  2. Moment, is the time when action starts in certain direction (3) with certain speed (4)
  3. Direction
  4. Speed

Position, moment, direction and speed are the elements that should be coached in a game-like situations.

These can be coached in simple exercises as 1v1 or 2v1. When moving up more complicated game situations these come even more critical and harder to coach if there is no clear and easy to understand tactical reference to use. What is your tactical reference? Read about Diamond Playing Style Method and how it can help you coaching tactics easily.

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