Playing Style vs. Formation in Football (Soccer)

football formation

Do you have a clear, logical and easy to understand way to teach team communication to your players? Placing the players in a certain formation on the pitch and hoping that players figure it out themselves? How should they know where to move, when and why?

Going through google searches about Diamond Playing Style gives links to all of kinds of results. Many sites tell about Diamond shape where formation of the players on the field in 11v11 are placed in diamond shape in the midfield 1-4-4-2 or in 5v5 formation 1-1-2-1 creates diamond from field players (without a goal keeper).

Formation and playing style are two different things. Same goes with Diamond Shape vs Diamond Playing Style. They are two different things.

Formation is the way players are positioned in the field. That does not tell much about team playing style. Some formations are more offensive and others more defensive. Same formation can also be used as an example with low block or high block. All formations have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no “the best” formation.

Formation itself does not answer how players are playing the game together (Team Communication) or how they should play it. Football is a team sport so communication between players is a vital and essential part playing together successfully.

Playing style is a guideline of what players should do together as a team in different phases of the football game (attacking, defending, transition). These needs to be trained in game-like situations in a team training sessions to build Better Communication between players.

Diamond Playing Style Method includes tactical reference to be used when teaching team tactics in attacking phase. Few simple principles will give you logical answers on how to use it in your training sessions. This site and exercises focuses on the attacking phase in football. However, the same exercises can be used also when coaching transitions and defending as exercises are based on game-like situations. In that case defending principles should be clear.

Diamond Playing Style Tactical Reference can be used with any formation although there are some formations that are more suitable and easier to start with. Tactical Reference is the key and how to use and implement its principles to other formations.

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