Drills, Rondos and Small Sided Games

The Internet Puzzle of Soccer / Football Exercises

Many times coaches search internet and social media for football / soccer drills, exercises, small sided games, rondos, ball possession games and so on to be used in their own training sessions without really thinking what is the purpose of ie. a certain drill, small sided game or rondo.

How do they fit to your soccer style of play? Do you find it confusing and feeling like putting a puzzle together? 

Usually rondos and small sided games lack some fundamental parts of the game. Good example is the lack of direction. Team just possesses the ball and the coach is counting how many passes they can do in a row 1,2,3,4,5! Does this coach then in the next game count 1,2,3,4,5? If there is no clear direction then how can the coach teach players Football Actions like body position etc.

In a Soccer / Football Game objective of ball possession is to attack and score a goal. Ball possession games many times lack clear direction and scoring a goal.

Another typical way is to limit player movement by areas or how many touches they can take or finishing straight from the pass.  Why use rules that do not exist in the game? What is the possible consequence for player behavior in the game? One example is using a joker player who is always on that team’s side that has the ball. What if the joker loses the ball? Would you like this player to press immediately?

Just copying exercises from other clubs or managers to own environment without understanding the differences of external factors between origin and your environment results just a bad copy. And then to next training session taking from another coach….and then another one…how do you put a puzzle together? Where is the logic and how well does these exercises match your own soccer style of play?

What if there is a more logical and easier way of doing this? Read about Diamond Playing Style Method

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